Rose's Royal Midgets and Other Little People of Vaudeville


Paperback, illustrated with photographs, newspaper ads, and drawings. 120pp.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating world of America's vaudeville theaters with this enchanting illustrated history. From the momentous year of 1923, embark on a remarkable journey spanning over three decades as you delve into the mesmerizing tale of a legendary performing arts troupe that captivated audiences across the nation.

In this meticulously crafted volume, author Trav SD unveils the captivating narrative behind the troupe's incredible success and enduring legacy. With vivid prose and meticulous research, SD invites you to witness the magic and charm that unfolded on vaudeville stages, leaving an indelible mark on American entertainment history.

But this immersive journey is not confined to words alone. Within the pages of this book, you will discover a treasure trove of rare and captivating photographs, as well as stunning illustrations that bring to life the vibrant world of vaudeville. Each image provides a window into the troupe's long and illustrious career, capturing the energy, talent, and sheer spectacle that defined their performances.

To add to this captivating narrative, the book features a compelling foreword by James Taylor, renowned for his expertise in all things extraordinary. As Taylor shares his insights and reflections on the troupe's enduring impact, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for their significance within the tapestry of vaudeville history.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of the performing arts, or simply yearning to immerse yourself in a bygone era, this remarkable volume offers a captivating glimpse into the extraordinary world of America's vaudeville theaters. Prepare to be transported back in time as you uncover the untold stories and relish the visual splendor of an unforgettable era in American entertainment.